Music Icons

Music Icons

RAYMOND WEIL is delighted to unveil its music collaborations which pays tribute to the legendary icons.
Browse our partnership Swiss luxury watches featuring a Swiss-quartz movement combined with an elegant and refined design. Add these Limited Edition everyday timepieces to your collection or a timeless keepsake for that special someone, RAYMOND WEIL offers accessible luxury watches suitable for everyone.

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  • RAYMOND WEIL Geneve Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Maestro Men's Luxury Watch

    Maestro The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Limited Edition

  • RAYMOND WEIL tango Marshall amplification limited edition

    Tango 300 Marshall Amplification Limited Edition Chronograph

  • RAYMOND WEIL Men's Tango GMT Bob Marley Limited Edition Luxury Swiss Watch

    Tango Bob Marley Limited Edition Men’s Quartz GMT Movement Watch

  • RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer AC/DC Limited Edition Black Leather Watch

    Freelancer AC/DC Limited Edition Black Leather Watch

  • David Bowie | RAYMOND WEIL Freelancer Luxury Swiss Watch

    Freelancer Men’s David Bowie Limited Edition Automatic Watch