Since 1976, we have worked passionately to constantly innovate and redefine our timepieces. This year, we’ve strengthened this vision and focused on delivering remarkable watches like never before. From noble materials to new technical mechanics, our collections offer a wide variety of prestigious watches suiting any occasion.

W Shaped Oscillating Weight:

Our attention to detail goes well beyond the exterior looks of the watch — since many of our watches feature an open case back, we must have beautiful mechanics reflecting the brand’s excellence. The new addition of a custom oscillating weight has elevated our movements to another level yet again. This new mass has been skeletonized in a W shape to reference the Weil name, allowing a clearer view of the decorated parts below. This unique mass can be found on our most prestigious models within the freelancer collection.


Exploring new materials is merely one aspect of RAYMOND WEIL’s focus this year. The new freelancer chronograph bi-compax was the first watch to offer an entire case in bronze, giving it a one-of-a-kind look. With time, the bronze will mature and form a patina, heightening the overall sense of elegance. Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, also offers improved resistance to corrosion and excellent strength. This material has since been used on other models like the green freelancer GMT Worldtimer to introduce a bicolor aesthetic by mixing stainless steel and bronze.

Diamond Like Carbon:

To properly capture the unique coloring RAYMOND WEIL expresses in its timepieces, a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) process is required. DLC refers to a compound being applied to a surface through an industrial vaporization process, creating a very thin and durable coat. On our watches, the DLC process uses carbon molecules allowing the newly formed layer to be even more robust than other typical color applications. The new black freelancer GMT Worldtimer features a fully DLC coated case, case back, bezel, and crown. This modification delivers a stealthy and tactical appearance.


Ceramic is another material RAYMOND WEIL has adopted. The properties of this compound make it one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials used in watchmaking. So, on select watches within the freelancer collection, ceramic has been used to create durable bezels displaying precise information, like the tachymeter on the 7741.

While much has changed since 1976, our vision at RAYMOND WEIL remains the same. We pursue excellence with nuanced attention to detail; we look to the arts for refreshed innovation; and, through these principles combined, we set ourselves apart with our independent Swiss-made timepieces.

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