In 2015, RAYMOND WEIL released the nabucco Cello Tourbillon featuring a hand-wound movement, the Calibre RW1842, with a much-coveted gravity-defying tourbillon complication. The tourbillon is highly prized by watch aficionados who are drawn to its mesmerising appearance and horological complexity.

The aesthetics of this unique timepiece were a hit but, because of the model’s exclusivity, people were left wanting more. To accommodate, CEO Elie Bernheim and the Research & Development department of RAYMOND WEIL began to work on a new and accessible calibre that could recreate the captivating appearance of the RW1842 tourbillon in upcoming models.

Balance Wheel at 6 o’clock

The development process began with one of the Brand’s tried and trusted movements, the Calibre RW4200. The Research & Development department disassembled the movement, analysing each component in close detail with the goal of revealing the balance wheel as the main feature at 6 o’clock. After expending many hours, the highly skilled team created the Calibre RW1212. This movement appears in several of the brand’s models, displaying its beating heart, positioned beneath an openworked traversing bridge.

An Evolution of the Skeletonized Watch

Having successfully launched the new freelancer 2780, equipped with the in-house movement, Elie Bernheim, wanted to further display RAYMOND WEIL’s watchmaking prowess and the horology of the Calibre RW1212.

The result was a movement that allowed for an eye-catching window to the entire calibre, featuring a perlage finish on the remaining visible plates. This movement excites wearers for several reasons: it allows for comprehension of the inner workings of the timepiece, creates added visual depth with exposed mechanical layers, and still highlights the heartbeat of the RW1212 movement.

Maintained Excellence

Being one of RAYMOND WEIL’s masterpieces, the beautiful RW1212 movement has continuously evolved and pleased watch enthusiasts worldwide. In 2023, this movement will once again be at the heart of a new collection.

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