RAYMOND WEIL is glad to announce an unprecedented and playful collaboration with PANINI, the global leader in sticker and trading card collectibles.

Amidst the current marketing trend that embraces the charm of the past, the collaboration between RAYMOND WEIL and PANINI emerges as an exciting fit. RAYMOND WEIL, with its legacy of craftsmanship, finds resonance with PANINI, blending neo-vintage elegance withthe contemporary appeal of nostalgia. The brand’s newest millesime collection, characterized by its classic aesthetic, serves as the perfect conduit to convey the essence of modern nostalgia, making it ideal to illustrate the RAYMOND WEIL x PANINI stickers.

The PANINI Brand encapsulates a legacy of emotions, uniting generations in 150 countries. It’s a magical name that sparks wonder in a child’s eyes while flipping through an album, nostalgia for those who treasure childhood memories, and an unbreakable bond between the collector and their passion. For those who fondly remember the thrill of collecting PANINI stickers and completing an album, the collaboration between RAYMOND WEIL and PANINI brings back those delightful memories.

This special collaboration invites RAYMOND WEIL millesime owners to dive into horology’s most common passion and collect limited-edition stickers. Adding a layer of excitement, the brand introduces “Magic Stickers” that, if found, unlock various rewards and benefits.

Furthermore, to spice it up, RAYMOND WEIL introduces the one-of-one Ultimate Millesime, a unique timepiece found nowhere else in the world. The quest for this horological masterpiece begins with the discovery of a “Gold Magic Sticker”, offering only one lucky winner the chance to possess this true collector’s dream.

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